Personality of the Year

Since 1995/1996 the League Committee has asked clubs to nominate someone who has contributed to the success of badminton within this League.

Recipient(s) Season Club
John Carter 2018/2019 Sidmouth
Sarah Preece 2017/2018 Queens
Tony Parker 2016/2017 Exeter
Suzanne Owens 2015/2016 Ringswell
Liz Goodwin 2014/2015 St Leonards
Graham Baker 2013/2014 Sidmouth
Anne Jones 2012/2013 Ringswell
Debbie Baker 2011/2012 Sidmouth
No nominations received 2010/2011
Jamie (Jim) Feesey 2009/2010 Queens
Barrie Sharman 2008/2009 St Leonards
Emily Macaulay 2007/2008 Exeter
Ben Watkins 2006/2007 Queens
John Carter 2005/2006 Sidmouth
Steve Pritchard 2004/2005 Axminster
Brian Ashby 2003/2004 Raleigh
Nicki Lloyd 2002/2003 Ringswell
Sharon Hawkins and Nick Masson 2001/2002 Queens
Devon 2nd Team 2000/2001 Various
Sally Copleston 1999/2000 Ringswell
Audrey Holden 1998/1999 Exmouth
Jane Rooke 1997/1998 Isca
Chris and Roger Akers 1996/1997 Cranford
Di Brooker 1995/1996 Isca

Helen Potter
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