Knockout Competition Rules - 2018/2019

  1. Clubs may register a maximum of twelve men and twelve ladies for each  team on the registration form provided by the date indicated. Players must be listed in order of strength. No additional registration can be accepted after that date.
  2. Players may only play for one team in the competition.
  3. Where a club enters more than one team, the club must indicate for which team a player has been nominated.
  4. If a player is registered for more than one club in this competition  he/she may only play for the team they first represent. Other registrations are then automatically cancelled.
  5. The entry fee will be £8 per team which must be paid to the Hon. Treasurer by the 15th October.
  6. The competition shall consist of ten events: one men's singles, one ladies' singles, two men's doubles, two ladies' doubles, and four mixed doubles.
  7. Each rubber will consist of two games only and there will be no setting. Each game will be up to 21 points.
  8. Each team consists of a minimum of four men and four ladies. If a team  member is not available to play then those events he/she would have played in will be awarded to the opponents by 21 points to the adjusted handicap.
  9. The handicap given to each team will be the starting point for each  game played, adjusted as necessary according to the Badminton England Handbook.
  10. At the end of a game or in the case of unfinished rubbers, where a team owing points fails to reach 0, the recorded score will stand.
  11. The winning team will be the team scoring the highest accumulated points (including the points awarded as the handicap). The winning team  will be responsible for sending the result sheet to the organiser.
    The score sheet, fully completed, must be received by the organiser within seven days of the fixture. Failure to do so will result in a £5.00 fine.
  12. In the event of a tie on points, the winning team will be the team who have won the most number of games. Then in the event of a tie the 'away' team will be awarded the match. If the Final ends in a tie on both points anf games, the trophy will be shared.
  13. Each team must nominate their first and second pairs in the men's and  ladies' doubles and first, second, third and fourth pairs in the mixed doubles in order of strength before the match commences. No person shall play with more than one partner in either the mixed, men's or ladies' doubles.
  14. Shuttlecocks are to be provided by the 'home' team, who must inform  the 'away' team which type of shuttle they intend to use at the time of arranging the fixture. However, in all cases, Rule 11 of the League Rules must apply.
  15. 'Home' advantage will be decided as follows :-
    1. 1st Round - first named club in each tie
    2. 2nd Round - second named club in each tie
    3. 3rd Round - first named club in each tie
  16. Once arranged, fixtures may only be postponed because of unavailability of halls or extremely bad weather. The organiser must be informed immediately by both clubs and a new fixture must be played within 14 days.
  17. If it is necessary to cancel a league match to accommodate this competition the appropriate Match Secretary must be informed immediately by the respective club. (See League Rules 4 and 5).
  18. In the event of a team being unable to compete in the final no runners-up trophy will be presented.
  19. After the first round the 'home' team in each round must confirm the date of the match with the away team. Both teams must inform the organiser of this date.
  20. Failure to honour matches will result in forfeiture of the tie and a £10 fine.
  21. Rounds must be played by:-
    1. 1st Round must be played between the 21st November and the 3rd December 2016 inclusive.The Semi-finals & 1st Round of Plate must be played by Saturday 4th February 2017 inclusive.
    2. Plate Event:- Open to 1st round losers (not including teams who concede). 1st Round of Plate must be played by Saturday 4th February 2017 inclusive.
    3. The FINALS will be played on Saturday, 4th March, 2017 at the Riverside Leisure Centre, St Thomas, Exeter starting at 6.30pm.
  22. All registration documents and result sheets must be forwarded to the  ORGANISER:- Mr Geoff Littler, 72 Wrefords Lane, Exeter, EX4 5BS  Telephone 07974 993545 
  23. All disputes will be settled by the Executive Committee.

Helen Potter
Last Modified 2019-9-26