A Littler goes a long way....


There was a triple success for Exeter’s Geoff Littler at this year’s Annual League Tournament. Geoff won the Singles and then teamed up with his clubmates, Sam Lees and Rowan Despard, to win the men’s and mixed titles. Tom Phillips (St. Leonards) was runner-up to Geoff Littler in all 3 level events partnering Tim Wardale in the men’s and Verity Greenaway in the mixed doubles.
Sarah Preece (Queens) successfully defended her singles crown as this competition has not been held since Sarah won the event in 2014. The Ladies Doubles was not contested this year due to lack of entries. Sadly, for the first time ever, all the level competitions were run as round robin events due to the low number of entries.   Therefore, the League Committee are considering holding the tournaments on weekday evenings next season to try and attract more entries.
There were some close game in the round-robin Handicap Tournament. The Men’s Singles was split into two groups where John Carter and George Suliauskas each dropped just one point on the way to winning their group and then John defeated George in the final to win this event for the second year running. There was a close finish in the Ladies Doubles between Kay Brewer and Sue Banks and Verity Greenaway and Freya Harris who both won 7 games but Kay and Sue scored more points to make it a double celebration for Sue on her birthday! Only one point separated the top two pairs in the Mens Doubles which was won by Chris Bowker and Jack Southcott who won 7 of their 8 games, their only defeat being 21-14 to the runners-up Adrian Midmer and Ben Boyland who won 5 of their 8 games. Just 9 points separated the top 3 pairs in the Mixed Doubles which was won by Ben Boyland and Helena Williams who won all their games and finished 6 points ahead of Tom Laver and Verity Greenaway with Tom Phillips and Nikki Anslow in third place.
Results of Level Events
Men’s Singles  
Winner:                Geoff Littler (Exeter)  
Runner-up:         Tom Phillips   (St. Leonards) 
Ladies’ Singles 
Winners:        Sarah Preece (Queens)
Runners-up:   Chloe Tsang (Ringswell)
Men’s Doubles 
Winners:         Geoff Littler and Sam Lees (Exeter)
Runners-up:   Tom Phillips and Tim Wardale (St. Leonards)
Mixed Doubles 
Winners:         Geoff Littler and Rowan Despard (Exeter)
Runners-up:   Tom Phillips (St. Leonards) and Verity Greenaway (Exeter)
Handicap Tournament
Men’s Singles
Final:     John Carter (Sidmouth -10)  beat George Suliauskas (Chulmleigh +4) 21-15, 21-16
Men’s Doubles
Winners:        Chris Bowker and Jack Southcott (Exeter +3) = 161 points
Runners-up: Adrian Midmer and Ben Boyland (St. Leonards/Ringswell -3) = 160 points
Ladies’ Doubles 
Winners:              Kay Brewer and Sue Banks (St. Leonards -3) = 167 points
Runners-up:       Verity Greenaway and Freya Harris (Exeter -3) = 160 points 
Mixed Doubles  
Winners:        Ben Boyland and Helena Williams (Ringswell/Honiton +2) = 126 points
Runners-up: Tom Laver and Verity Greenaway (Exeter +3) = 120 points

Andy Rowe
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