Ladies Report

In Division 1, Ringswell A’s Claire Harrison, Kate Haller, Sylvia Child and Becky Bailey enjoyed a 5-1 win over Exeter’s Julia Melling, Suzanne Owens, Bridgette Jones and Ines Castro.  Exeter’s point was won by Bridgette Jones and Ines Castro.

League leaders Cranford A’s Nikita Smethurst, Lisa Stevens, Claire Hannah and Rowan Despard clinched  a 4-2 victory over Ringswell A. Ringswell’s points were won by Claire Harrison with Kate Haller and Claire with Sylvia Child.  Ringswell are the first team to take any games off Cranford this season.

In Division 2, at the top of the Division Queens’ Sarah Preece, Kate Povey, Lauren Theedom and Bronya Pike were not troubled when they beat University 6-0 in straight games.

In Division 3A, St Leonards C’s Rachel Marson, Sharon May, Anne Trevena and Katie Brown settled for a draw when they took on Cranford B’s Marilyn Heard, Mo Martin, Carol Doran and Lianne O’Donnell.”Lovely friendly team” was reported.
Sidmouth’s Sarah Bond, Grace Williams, Hilary Herd and Linda McCracken maintained their lead at the top of Division 3A when they beat St Leonards C 5-1. The Saints’ point was picked up by Rachel Marson and Sue Brown (Morrish).

Andy Rowe
Last Modified 2018-11-30