Near perfect start for Queens

 Queens are celebrating a near perfect start to their season with 3 wins in Division 2a.  Their 7-2 win over Ringswell B was a closer encounter than the score line suggests with five rubbers going to a deciding 3rd game. They then went on to beat both Otter Vale A and St Leonards B 9-0. Sarah Preece and Darren Frisby were unbeaten in all three matches, as was Ben Herbert, partnered by Bronya Pike in the Ringswell B and Otter Vale A fixtures and with Kate Povey against St Leonards B.  The St Leonards B team of Astrid Janssens & Mark Newson, Jess Hand & Andy Rowe and Kay Brewer & Leo Robbins beat Otter Vale A 9-0.  Otter Vale A secured their first win of the season with a 6-3 victory over St Leonards C, Heather Rake & Brian Deem were unbeaten for Otter Vale.  Sidmouth A have started their campaign with an 8-1 win over St Leonards B. John Carter & Ruth Scrivens and Theresa Ford & Chris Bird were the unbeaten partnerships for Sidmouth with St Leonards’ point coming from Jess Hand & Andy Rowe.    

Sidmouth B are top of the division 2b table thanks to wins over Ringswell C and Raleigh.  Ann Price & Paul Carter were unbeaten in Sidmouth’s 6-3 win over Ringswell C. In an 8-1 win over Raleigh, Hilary Herd & James Newcombe and Linda McCracken & Simon Heusen were unbeaten for Sidmouth with Raleigh’s point coming from Nicola Martin & Dan Graham who were unlucky not to earn more points, losing both their other rubbers in the deciding game.   The Chulmleigh team of Ruth Crumby & Mat Older, Karen Parish & Adrian Bourner and Michelle Wylde & Ben Hamill beat Honiton A 8-1 although Honiton were only able to raise two pairs.   A close match between Otter Vale B and Chulmleigh finished at 11.15p.m with Otter Vale B emerging with a 5-4 win. Anne Drury & Andy O’Brien were unbeaten with Otter Vale’s remaining two points coming from Sue O’Brien and Dan Clark. 
Clyst Vale A remain unbeaten at the top of Division 3a following wins over Cranford B and Axminster. Jennie Edwards & Steve Hunt and Lucy Ferrier & Dan Cordey were unbeaten for Clyst Vale A in their 8-1 win over Cranford B with Mary Knight & Duncan O’Donnell picking up the point for Cranford B. Jennie was unbeaten once again, this time partnered by James Allum when Clyst Vale A beat Axminster 6-3. The Honiton B team of Sue Fallows & Mark Stanley, Zaria Taylor & Simon Walker and Hazel Tucker & Cameron Hooper beat Cranford B 9-0. 
In Division 1 Exeter A beat the University 6-3, with the mother and son partnership of Suzanne & Sam Owens unbeaten.  Sam was unbeaten once again, this time partnered by Sue Colwill when Exeter A beat Ringswell A 7-2. Julia Melling and Rob Flack also won all three of their rubbers. Ringswell’s two points came from the only two rubbers of the match which went to a third end.   Exeter B saw their first win of the season come after a 7-2 win over St Leonards A. Bridgette Jones & Geoff Littler were  unbeaten with the pairings of Katie Scotter & Jamie Samuel and Vicky Prouse & Gareth Pearse each picking up two points. The Cranford A team of Claire Hannah & Mark Trebble, Alice Feesey & Zac Phillips and Lisa Stevens & Joe Davies beat St Leonards A 8-1 with Anne Stanley & Adrian Midmer picking up the point for St Leonards.

Andy Rowe
Last Modified 2018-11-30