Ladies Report November 2013

In Division 1, St Leonards A’s Louise Gubbin, Anne Stanley, Kay Brewer and Sue Banks convincingly beat St Leonards B 6-0. Only the B team’s Jess Hand and Jill McCord managed to take an end off the A team.  St Leonards A went on to suffer a 6-0 defeat at the hands of Cranford A’s Leanne Debenham, Alice Feesey, Nikita Smethurst and Sandra Lear.  Only Louise Gubbin and Astrid Janssens pushed Cranford A to three games, losing 22-20 in the third.

St Leonards A's Louise Gubbin, Anne Stanley, Kay Brewer and Astrid Janssens then settled for a 3-3  draw with Ringswell A’s Claire Harrison, Sylvia Child, Becky Bailey and Sharon Strong. Claire Harrison won all of her rubbers for Ringswell with the help of her teammates.

Ringswell A’s Claire Harrison, Kate Haller, Sylvia Child and Becky Bailey triumphed 6-0 over St Leonards B.  The Saints’ Sue Banks and Jill McCord were the only pair to take a game off Ringswell A.

In Division 2, Queens' Sarah Preece, Kate Povey, Lauren Theedom and Bronya Pike saw off  Ringswell B with a comfortable 6-0 win in straight sets.  Queens then followed this with a 4-2 win over University. University’s points were both won by Emma Saggers, teaming up with Cecilia Kwok and Natalie Kent in turn.

Otter Vale's Teresa Simic, Su Cotton, Heather Rake and reserve Sue O’Brien beat Ringswell B 4-2.  Di Brooker in partnership with Jeannette Allen and Kathryn Brown in turn scored Ringswell’s points.   With the return of regular team member June Goode, Otter Vale followed this victory with a triumphant 5-1 win over University.  Frances Pells and Emma Saggers deservedly picked up University’s point.

In Division 3A, St Leonards C’s Rachel Marson, Sharon May, Anne Trevena and Katie Brown beat new League team Cranford B 6-0 in straight sets. With Sue Morrish playing in place of Katie, St Leonards C beat Sidmouth 5-1. Grace Williams & Linda McCracken succeeded in winning  Sidmouth’s point.

 Raleigh’s Nicola Martin, Sue Mayne, Debby Yates and Angela Bolt enjoyed a 4-2 victory over Cranford B. Cranford B’s points were both won by Marilyn Gerrade & Karen Cunningham-Smith and Liane O’Donnell & Karen in a closely-fought final rubber (27-25, 20-22, 21-18).

Honiton’s Helena Williams, Janet Ingram, Sue Fallow and Zaria Taylor began their season with a convincing 5-1 win over Raleigh.  Raleigh’s point was clinched by Nicola Martin and Debby Yates after a nail-biting three ends 22-20, 22-24, 22-20.

Ben Boyland

Andy Rowe
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