Ladies Report 7

In Division 1, St Leonards A’s Louise Gubbin, Anne White, Astrid Janssens and Sue Banks convincingly beat Ringswell A 5-1.  Rinsgwell’s point was deservedly picked up by Claire Harrison and Sharon Strong over three ends.
Cranford’s Alice Feesey, Nikita Smethurst , Lisa Stevens and Rowan Despard  were triumphant with a 5-1 win over Exeter who were unable to field their full team.  Exeter’s point was won by reserves Sarah Nickels and Vicky Prouse. This was in fact a closely-fought match with three rubbers decided over three ends.  Notwithstanding this defeat, Exeter have won the League!
In Division 2, Sidmouth sadly conceded their match against Ringswell B as they were unable to raise a team.  This has cost Sidmouth the deduction of four points.
In Division 3A, Honiton were unable to raised a team for their final match against St Leonards D.  As this was the second match they forfeited, Honiton have been required to withdraw from the League and all matches played against Honiton are null and void.  Chulmleigh’s rivals for the Division title, St Leonards C, have now played all of their matches and have 37 points. Chulmleigh have one match remaining, against St Leonards D, and must pick up at least 3 points in that match to win Division 3.

Exeter and District Badminton League
Ladies Section – Latest Results
DIV 1   
Exeter            1    Cranford     5
Ringswell A        1    St Leonards A    5
Ringswell B        6    SIdmouth    0

Andy Rowe
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