Exeter's Sue Colwill, Julia Melling, Suzanne Owens and Hannah Oxley clinched victory over Cranford.

In Division 1, Exeter’s Sue Colwill, Julia Melling, Suzanne Owens and Hannah Oxley clinched victory over Cranford.  Cranford’s points were both won by Rowan Despard partnering Lisa Stevens and Alice Feesey in turn.  
St Leonards A’s Louise Gubbin, Anne White, Kay Brewer and Astrid Janssens  drew 3-all with both Ringswell A and Cranford.  Ringswell A’s points were all won by Clarie Harrison partnering Sylvia Child, Becky Bailey and Sharon Strong respectively.   Alice Feesey also won all three points for Cranford alongside Nikita Smethhurst, Rowan Despard and new recruit Sandra Lear.
In both Division 2 and Division 3A all matches played were convincingly won 6-0.  In Division 2, , St Leonards B’s Sue Banks, Debbie Stewart and Jill McCord beat a three-player Sidmouth 6-0.
In Division 3A, Chulmleigh’s Karen Parish, Hannah Hernon and Ruth Cumby  continued their unbeaten form winning against St Leonards D 6-0, although the Saints only fielded three players.  St Leonards C’s Rachel Marson, Sharon May and Deirbhle O’Reilly, and Sue Morrish enjoyed a 6-0 win over Raleigh. Honiton’s Maureen Borer, Helena Williams, Sue Fallows and Sue Caller also recorded a 6-0 scoreline over Raleigh.  By no means was this a whitewash as half of the rubbers went to three ends.  However, Honiton fielded two substitutes when they suffered a 6-0 defeat to St Leonards D’s  Sue Miorrish, Nicola Anslow , Lauren Winsor and Keira Diamond  although there were some close games.

Ladies Section – Latest Results

DIV 1    
Cranford 2 - 4 Exeter
Cranford 3 - 3 St Leonards A
St Leonards A 3 - 3 Ringswell A

Sidmouth 0 - 6 St Leonards B

Chulmleigh 6 - 0 St Leonards D
Raleigh 0 - 6 St Leonards C
Honiton 0 - 6 St Leonards D
Raleigh 0 - 6 Honiton

Andy Rowe
Last Modified 2018-11-30