Annual Tournament 2007-2008

Levels Events

Friday 4th April and Saturday 5th April 2008

Event Name Winner Runner-up
Mens Singles A Alistair Jones Mark Trebble
Ladies Singles A Charlotte Hawkins Alice Feesey
Mixed Doubles A Sarah-Findel-Hawkins and Mark Trebble Leanne Debenham and Ian Kirby
Mixed Doubles B Sue Banks and Richard Townsend Jess Hand and Guy Sweetman
Ladies Doubles A Julia Williams and Zo-Dee Ledger Alice Feesey and Sarah Findel-Hawkins
Mens Doubles A Mark Trebble and Dan Harris John Carter and Nigel Artingstall
Mens Doubles B Darren Russell and Alistair Banks Paul Carter and Ben Boyland

Plate Events

Event Name Winner Runner-up
Mens Singles A Dominic Trewin Guy Sweetman
Mixed Doubles A Julia Williams and Terry Parker Claire Gresham and Darren Winsor
Mixed Doubles B Kerry Tobiason and Andy Rowe Karen Silcox and Chris Bowker
Ladies Doubles A Claire Gresham and Charlotte Hawkins Louise Dann and Becky Bailey
Mens Doubles A Alex Lane and Richard Lane James Bell and Tom Bass
Mens Doubles B Roger Carpenter and Bernard Langlois Tim Wardale and Richard Townsend

Handicapped Events

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th April 2008

Event Name Winner Runner-up
Mixed Doubles A Suzanne Owens and Dan Harris Mandy Gurzynski and Mark Newson
Mixed Doubles B Helena Williams and Ben Boyland Kerry Tobiasen and Andy Rowe
Ladies Doubles A Emily Macaulay and Leanne Debenham Jess Hand and Ruth McClelland
Ladies Doubles B Kimberley Wills and Kirsty Staite Imogen Batton and Lucy Ferrier
Mens Doubles A James Bell and Tom Bass Ben Boyland and Paul Carter
Mens Doubles B Mark Thorburn and Anthony Towl Robert Earnshaw and Matthew Bolton

Competition History

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