Annual Tournament 1998-1999

Levels Events

Friday 19th and Saturday 20th March 1999

Event Name Winner Runner-up
Mens Singles A Alistair Jones David Westmorland
Mens Singles B Mark Newson Owen Webb
Ladies Singles A Tanya Crook Helen MacMullen
Mixed Doubles A Karen Major and Alistair Jones Sue Louis-Lane and Darren Ware
Mixed Doubles B Kay Brewer and John Edwards Rose Mycock and Andy Hall
Ladies Doubles A Sarah Boston and Karen Major Zo-Dee Ledger and Rachel Skidmore
Ladies Doubles B Sue Banks and Alison Pickford Sharon Hawkins and Jenny Tower
Mens Doubles A Alistair Jones and Tim Willis Kelvin Edwards and Andrew Ewings
Mens Doubles B Mike Clarke and Adrian Tear Mark Newson and Darren Winsor

Plate Events

Event Name Winner Runner-up
Mens Singles A Mark Trebble Tom Kuhn
Mixed Doubles A Zo-Dee Ledger and Matthew Bennett Rachel Skidmore and Mike Clarke
Mixed Doubles B Kathryn Frankish and Owen Webb Ruth McClelland and Rob Vosper
Mens Doubles A John Carter and Paul Carter Dan Harris and David Westmorland
Mens Doubles B Paul Haydon and Rob Vosper Tom Price and Andy Rowe

Handicapped Events

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th March 1999

Event Name Winner Runner-up
Mixed Doubles A Di Brooker and Simon Husband Anne Jones and Chris Bird
Mixed Doubles B Jenny Selley and John Enderson Jenny Tower and Ben Herbert
Ladies Doubles A Rachel Skidmore and Kathryn Frankish Lisa Vosper and Joy Simpson
Ladies Doubles B Anne Drury and Kerry Jones Elaine Nicholson and Sue Morrish
Mens Doubles A Mark Trebble and Andy Ewings Chris Bird and Simon Heusen
Mens Doubles B Brian Deem and Andy Cleal Clive Innes and Owen Webb

Competition History

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