Annual Tournament 1995-1996

Levels Events

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th April 1996

Event Name Winner Runner-up
Mens Singles A Alistair Jones Kelvin Edwards
Mens Singles B Rob Gallin Graham Ewings
Ladies Singles A Julia Williams Karina Neilsen
Mixed Doubles A Louise Cox and Kelvin Edwards Sarah Boston and Eliott Coups
Mixed Doubles B Margaret Townsend and Brian Deem Betty Willey and Kevin Perryman
Ladies Doubles A Sarah Boston and Kathy Wicks Lisa McManus and Julia Williams
Ladies Doubles B Claire Gresham and Jill Sargent Helen Simmons and Betty Willey
Mens Doubles A Kelvin Edwards and Darren Ware Alistair Jones and Lyn Jones
Mens Doubles B Terry Jeal and Graham Ewings Richard Martin and Mike Parnell

Plate Events

Event Name Winner Runner-up
Mens Singles A Stuart Davies Simon Vanderwalt
Mixed Doubles A Pam Rice and Ian Drew Rachel Skidmore and Mike Clarke
Mixed Doubles B Di Shelley and Malcolm Dodd Sally Haydon and Andy Hall
Ladies Doubles A Rachel Skidmore and Claire Chatfield Virginia Mills and Karen Russell
Mens Doubles A Paul Owens and Adrian Midmer Paul Carter and Stuart Davies

Handicapped Events

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April 1996

Event Name Winner Runner-up
Mixed Doubles A Nicky Robinson and Peter Allen Kara Bridgeman and Paul Carter
Mixed Doubles B Janice Denning and James Stewart Alison May and Lee Heeson
Ladies Doubles A Di Brooker and Di Shelley Rachel Skidmore and Karen Russell
Ladies Doubles B Pam Rice and Julie Tiao Helen Simmons and Betty Willey
Mens Doubles A John Carter and Paul Carter John Edwards and Kelvin Edwards
Mens Doubles B Luke Winstanley and Mark Winstanley Dave Harland and Simon Vanderwalt

Competition History

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